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The Order of Properties in Object Initializer (C#)

For sake of simple programming, I use object initialier quite often. But I never payed attention to the order of the perproties until comes to this one:

var index = 0;
var obj = new 
    property1 = fields[index++], 
    property2 = fields[index++], 
    propertyn = fields[index++]

The reason doing this is assign each element in the fields to the according property in the obj. So if the property setter is called in the different order from the object initializer, I will be in trouble. The benefit of it is that I can adjust the order of property to accommodate the fields order.

Let's think a different way of object initializer, the curly bracket { } means a sequence in c# in my understanding, like code block and list. As stated in the C# Specification (5.0): 

An instance of Point can be created and initialized as follows:

Point a = new Point { X = 0, Y = 1 };

which has the same effect as

Point __a = new Point();
__a.X = 0;
__a.Y = 1;
Point a = __a;

So it looks the order property setter can be guaranteed to be the same order of in the initializer.

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