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My Toolbox - 2018

As working as a consultant, often to spin up a new development environment. Besides the VS and SQL, there are plenty of useful tools/extensions need be installed as well. Here's a list of the tools which I can't live in my coding life without:

-. Notepad++
-. 7zip
-. Resharper (dotPeek and dotTrace), undoubtable the No 1.
-. Test Driven, right click and run any method
-. CodeCompare, after years of WinMerge, this one has became my favorite code compare tool, and sorry 
-. Winmerge, still have a place here as the folder comparison is a thumb-up.
-. Wireshark, never disappoint you if you know how to talk to it (query and filter)
-. Postman is new here, as it's easy play with services
-. Fiddler, Chrome has replaced most of uses Fiddler
-. Ditto, ctrl+~ prompt the list of clipboard history, simple and useful (thanks to Ke and Bruno)
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