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Sitecore TDS Tips

  • Sync the templates/rendering first, then sync content
  • Sync and refresh until nothing comes up. TDS may not complete all the synchronizations in one sync, always refresh until no more new things are found. Sometimes, you maybe need to sync three or four times until everying in sync.
  • When you GLV (get latest version) from TFS, the TDS may not include all the items. When happens, It complains some errors about field missing. You can manually include the item into the project.
  • When you use TDS with GlassMapper CodeGen. After the TDS Sync, the code generated may not be perfect, errors sometimes. When it happens, simply right click the TDS project in VS solution explorer, and select Re-Generate Code for all items

TDS 5.1 is released

TDS 5.1 is released 9th Dec 2014. It's good to see TDS, one of best Sitecore plugin, keep itself getting better. We all had bad experience with TDS, but we can't live without it. Let's see what's new in this new release:
  • Managing Sitecore roles
    • a checkbox is available in project property
    • Same as Sitecore item sync
  • Sync items by using Sitcore's History Engine
  • Merging item when checking in.
  • Other minor improvement
    • Allow copy field value in sync window
    • Allow syncing even duplicated items is found
    • performance
Looking forward Hedgehog pushing Sitecore development to a new level!