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Forgot AWS key pair

The first rule is you should not forget your AWS key pair. If you do, like me, there's still a way out, officially:
  1. create a new key pair, and make sure you don't forget it this time
  2. create an image
  3. launch an instance from the image
  4. get windows password
Tried this, but it doesn't work at the last step: the windows password is never ready! After repeated these 3~4 times, i gave up.

Wondering if a fresh instance, can it get the windows password? Yes, it has no problem at all. It seem the problem is only related to the instance created from AWI.

How about detach and re-attach the volume(virtual hard disk) to an new instance? No, it's not feasible in AWS. But the snapshot of the volume is attachable to another instance.

Problem solved!